Anna's Brief Therapy Space

Affordable solution-focused brief therapy 

Are you or someone close to you struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression? Perhaps you are experiencing relationship issues with your partner, parents, children, or friends? Do you struggle with codependency? Do you have motivation issues? Is there something in your past that you feel you need to talk about and process? Or do you just want to understand yourself better? 

Welcome to Anna's Brief Therapy Space - A counselling and brief therapy service in English located in Helsinki

In a time when people are experiencing increasing amounts of mental health issues, the price of good and effective therapy is staggering. It isn't morally just to charge an outrageous price for a single session

In my work as a psychiatric nurse and brief therapist with Helsinki city's low-threshold mental health clinic Mieppi, I saw and heard the tremendous daily suffering of clients due to long waiting times and terrific amounts of paperwork. When a person needs to see a mental health professional, oftentimes the wait is more than what is reasonable from an ethical perspective.

My mission is to make good quality therapy accessible, provided in a reasonable time-frame, as well as hassle-free without the paperwork.

Are you looking for real and lasting change in some aspect of your life? Do you need a fresh perspective and tools with which to work towards your desired outcome? Are you looking for inner calm and mental strength? You have come to the right place.

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