About me                

Hello! I'm Anna Enemark (RN), a solution-focused brief therapist and psychiatric nurse. I have hundreds of hours of experience as a brief therapy provider and a 2 year solution-focused brief therapist education (60 credit units), including psychotherapy readiness studies. I graduated from Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute in 2022 and I am a member of the Brief Therapist's Association of Finland https://lyhytterapeuttiyhdistys.fi

 I graduated as a registered nurse (sairaanhoitaja AMK) in 2011, after which I have worked in many different nursing care settings. I worked as a brief therapist and psychiatric nurse for Helsinki city's low-threshold mental health service Mieppi after my graduation in 2022, but grew frustrated with how difficult it is for people to receive timely mental health care through the public care sector so I decided to start my own business in September 2023.

As a therapist I'm empathetic, intuitive, and genuine. I have a sincere interest in the welfare of others and I believe in and wholeheartedly support each of my clients toward their individual goals. My clients have told me they felt better after talking with me and that they felt listened to and understood. As a therapist and nurse, I am bound to professional secrecy.

When studying to become a brief therapy practitioner I developed a vision of offering my professional services at a lower, yet sustainable price. My aim is that as many as possible are able to seek out and receive the therapy that they need, quickly, anonymously and without unnecessary paperwork. 

As a native English speaker, I felt drawn towards working with the international community in the greater Helsinki area. Therefore, I offer my services mainly in English. Additionally, I have experience with using the Finnish language in a brief therapy setting, so let me know if you'd prefer a session in Finnish.

I wish you a warm welcome!

PS. If you're interested, you can check out my blog here: https://medium.com/@anna.enemark/gripped-by-fear-30746d0c2b69